Church leadership and homogenous church

Rick Warren notes in The Purpose Driven Church that

explosive growth occurs when the type of people in the church community match the type of people who are already in the church, and they both match the type of person the pastor is.

This is, I believe, a valid observation but we should not read this to mean homogenous leadership works where communities are multi-cultural. If a church leader appoints a staff team or eldership where each member looks, thinks and speaks like him culturally then he must expect his congregation to mirror that cultural homogeneity.

So, when appointing leaders to a staff team or eldership where the church exists in a multi-cultural community, we need to work on diversity of culture but unity in the gospel. Church leaders should be people who think, speak and act out the goal of mission (Titus 1:5) and godliness (Titus 2:1-2) and not simply be united by their ethnicity or culture.

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