3 reasons for passionate expository preaching

Here’s three quotes from William Still’s book, The Work of the Pastor, where he gives three reasons for passionate expository preaching: anything else is unacceptable to God; dispassionate preaching is the devil’s scheme, people flourish in ministry as a result of passionate expository preaching:

‘If you think you are called to keep a largely worldly organisation, miscalled a church, going, with infinitesimal doses of innocuous sub-Christian drugs or stimulants, then the only help I can give you is to advise that you give up the hope of the ministry and be a street scavenger; a far healthier and more godly job, keeping the streets tidy, than cluttering the church with a lot of worldly claptrap in the delusion that you are doing a good job for God.’ p8

‘This is one of the devil’s most cunning tricks, to cause the Word of God to be dispensed by lazy, sleepy, moribund creatures, who find preaching the most burdensome part of their work and cannot help showing it.’ p12

‘My pastoral counselling has been greatly reduced through the years because of the building of people’s faith, by the ministry of the Word of God. The pulpit is the centre for applying the Word of God to lives. p17

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2 Responses to 3 reasons for passionate expository preaching

  1. Mark Hopkins says:

    Do you mean “worldy claptrap” or “wordily claptrap” on this post?

  2. neilrobbie says:

    Well done…you win the prize.

    Typo corrected

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