A Christ centred vision for youth.

John Piper sets the stage for teenagers committed to the cause of Christ. Brilliant.

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One Response to A Christ centred vision for youth.

  1. John Wallace says:

    This minstry is obviously effective. I can tell by the titles and this: “Until sin be bitter,
    Christ will not be sweet.
    Thomas Watson (1668)”.
    Recently I discovered a series of audio sermons online which have really revolutionized my life. Now I understand the real experience of victory over sin and what Jesus did for us. Not just the story but the “science” of it! The speaker’s name is Frank Phillips and the website is http://www.justifiedwalk.com I’m sure you will be blessed, encouraged and fed by these messages. There are several series of sermons: The Atonement (13 Sermons); Righteousness By Faith (10 Sermons); The Cross of Jesus Christ (3 Sermons); The Justified Walk (9 Sermons); The Vine & Branches (6 Sermons). The people who own this site give all their resources away free – Yours in Christ, John Wallace NZ

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