The Death of Darwinism

On 30 June 2001 I started a discussion topic called The Death of Darwinism on the Ship of Fools forum. The thread has run to 33 pages and still limps along as a “dead horse”.

The thread soon became a battle ground for creationists, IDists and theistic evolutionists, but my original question focused on the effect on theology assuming Darwinism might die:

Much of the theology of last century was shaped by the ‘scientific’ Darwinian view of the origin of life. If Darwinism proves false, much of last century’s theology will be confined to the dustbin and a refined theology will emerge.

In light of this, I have this question to put to the Board.

If biologists show that life could not have just appeared by chance, if a theory develops requiring an intelligent agent behind the original of life, what will be the outcome for the church?

How will our theology be effected? How will our new theology effect the issues surrounding the church in the late twentieth century? What will be the new issues?

7 years later I’d like to ask, what changes have there been now that [neo]-Darwinism is dead?

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