Edible Words: a project for ministers

My friend James Oakley and I started a website last year with the aim of developing a library of short exhortations or meditations from the bible for use before communion or baptism. The site is called Edible Words and the project is ticking along.

The idea of linking expository talks to communion is not a new one, what might be new to some is the idea that all of scripture lends itself to being applied to the sacraments. The posts on Edible Words, written by signed-up members, are designed to be used stand-alone or as bolt-on applications to sermons on the same passage.

If you are a minister and like the idea of a library of meditations, please join the project, by signing-up on the website, and help build a resource library for all to use.

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2 Responses to Edible Words: a project for ministers

  1. James Oakley says:

    I’ll second that – come and join in! The more people taking part, the more meditations we’ll have. But, equally importantly, the more accountability there will be through peer-review.

    On a different note, I haven’t been here for a while – I’ve just read your posts through RSS. I like the new theme.

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