Growth groups to adopt a ministry

We are reviewing our Growth Groups at church using a process developed by Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York. In our groups we aim to cover the four ‘W’s: Worship, Word, Witness and Works of service. We can get stuck in a rut and so we check how we are getting on once in a while.

Something which is coming out of the review process, and other recent developments, is the idea that each group can adopt another ministry. One group has already started taking services at a local nursing home where a lady from the church is in long term care. Around 20 residents attend regular services run by our group and a group from another local church. One of our groups yesterday had the idea of linking itself to our “Cake and Chat” coffee morning. One member of the group already goes to Cake and Chat and another bakes cakes each week. All we need to do is join the dots. There are already ideas beginning to flow for how the growth group could serve and care for Cake and Chat as a whole group. The link also provides a natural pathway for people to move from informal chat to greater involvement in church life.

By establishing these links between growth groups and other ministries, group members can use their collective gifts to build the church. It is great to see these ideas emerging as we go along. It seems obvious to me now that our growth groups can serve in this way.

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3 Responses to Growth groups to adopt a ministry

  1. Pete Horlock says:

    Thanks Neil for the insight on your growth groups. It’s reinforced the thinking and practice I’m trying to encourage our home groups to embrace when it comes to mission. At the moment we’re exploring the possiblity of establishing missional communities / gospel communities (cf. Timmis) and it’s a no-brainer that service, both of nonbelievers and Christian family, is central to those communities. However, one of the practical concerns I have is how long will it take to graciously and truthfully challenge a mindset that says our small groups are enclaves for restbit care rather than outposts of light in the battlefield. I suppose the answer is not to worry too much about getting everyone there, but start small with the few that are on board and crack on!

  2. neilrobbie says:

    Resistance might be high if ideas for mission or ministry are imposed from outside the group. We talked about visiting the housebound in yesterday’s group and it was kicked into touch by the group members, and for good reasons. The individual links within the group with cake and chat were already there, we’re just building on that.

  3. neilrobbie says:

    Just finished another growth group. Four members of the group involved in youth work, one has had some contact, so we’ve adopted the church’s youth work as our ministry. We will look out for the youth on Sundays and pray for them on Thursday’s as a starter for ten.

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