10 commandments of Christian ministry

I found these notes on my Palm yesterday and can’t remember when I wrote them, who suggested them or if I gathered them from different sources. Whatever, I find them helpful reminders for ministry. Has anyone got any others to add to the list? It doesn’t need to stop at 10!

10 commandments of Christian ministry

1. Be shepherded by Christ before shepherding others. Soft heart & godliness, love God in Christ.
2. Pray at all times
3. Do not make idols of success, numbers, business
4. Rest – limit work to @ 55 hours per week
5. Do not coerce, manipulate or guilt-trip people into doing anything
6. Do not know how much money people give to the Lord
7. Do not assume that ministry can be broken down into technique, process, projects, tasks or productivity. Know and love those whom you are addressing at all times (1-2-1 or talks)
8. Honour others by asking what they need from me to do their ministry work better.
9. Do not covet other peoples’ ministries. Do your own thing, according to the gifts God has given you.
10. Speak truthfully at all times.

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3 Responses to 10 commandments of Christian ministry

  1. James Oakley says:

    Related to 9, and as a qualification to 4: Know yourself; honour God with the abilities and strength he has given you, which may amount to doing more or less than other ministers you know.

  2. Greetings Neil, not sure if this fits into what you are wanting…
    If a married man, model marital faithfulness and godly headship of your family.

  3. neilrobbie says:

    Hi Alex, welcome to the blog. Amanda says “hi”. And thanks for the very helpful reminder about wife and family.

    James, thanks very much as well. The 55 hours is a personal limit and I sense it may be dropping now that I’m 40! 55 hours was the limit a senior North London clergyman suggested to me based on his limits. The amount we do also depends on what we do, as the balance of duties in a given week may require less energy.

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