Robo on a life worthy of your calling

I have taken the following quotes from James Robson’s Facebook status on Saturday. The Facebook status is temporary but these quotes are worth preserving. James set the quotes in the context of a life worthy of the calling we’ve received (Ephesians 4:1-3), which is not task orientated but centred on personal godliness and character.

I came across this later in the day – a quotation from Jeremy Taylor’s On Liberty (1646):

‘Many mischiefs proceed not from this, that all men are not of one mind, for that is neither necessary nor possible, but that every opinion is made an article of faith, every article is the ground of a quarrel, every quarrel makes a faction, every faction is zealous, and all zeal pretends for God, and whatsoever is for God cannot be too much. We by this time are come to that pass, where we think we love not God except we hate our brother, and we have not religion except we persecute all but our own.’


And from a sermon of his, “Let no man pull down the ministry of another – for if you can only make yourself look big by pulling another down, you must be a dwarf!”

I found this really helpful, as it ties the start of Ephesians 4 to the end of the chapter. If Christians are not engaged in building others up according to their needs, then their words can only tear others down.

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