30 principles of reaching others

Before Christmas I posted a memo I found on my Palm. Well, here’s another little gem from my Palm memos, this time from the Midlands Gospel Partnership day, Reach-BuildSend (a few years back), with Mark Dever and Peter Jensen.

MGP – Mark Dever – 30 principles of reaching others

1. Model – pray about, talk about and model personal evangelism
2. Talk about spiritual matters – membership & prayer – please talk about this after the sermon
3. Biblical understanding of conversion
4. Services – plan not to hype emotion – treat peoples’ soul with care – make it simple & direct
5. Silence in sermons – use it
6. Preaching God’s word
7. The gospel in every sermon – with opportunity to accept Christ
8. Use provocative sermon titles
9. Explicit reference – Christians & non-Christians – ask them hard questions
10. Questioning salvation – examine yourselves in the faith
11. Honesty – struggles in life & good things of the gospel
12. Testimony
13. Stand around after the service & esp with unbelievers
14. Christian Community itself is evangelistic
15. Growing in Christ – knowledge & love of God and sanctification.
16. Membership – be serious about it – ask for testimony; a summary of the gospel
17. Prayer – public for non Christian friends & family
18. bible study – close and careful study (2-3 years in one letter – pick up on doctrines)
19. Give books out to help others mature
20. Accountability
21. Henry forums – public talks on contemporary issues
22. Encouraging others to do evangelism by their own initiative
23. Tools – don’t clutter the church with programmes but do give them tools
24. talk about evangelism
25. Christianity Explained – 6 weeks train others to run it
26. Seeker sensitive life – build lives
27. re-indigenising – move back into community
28. Evangelism as a normal part of life
29. Fuse – mission & strategic living – reach local ethno-religious groups
30. Support others, missionaries or churches

preach, pray, personal relationships & patience

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