The Gospel Church as a Sending Agency

This is part 3 of ReachBuild-Send.

MGP – Peter Jensen – Send
The Gospel Church as a sending agency

Everything under God depends on the quality of the men sent forth.

who have you sent forth recently?
we can’t afford to send them!
let the big church send them!
but big churches don’t send them.

Growing church holds on – possibilities
Plateaued church holds on – everyone slick
Declining church holds on – every hand to the pump
Churches at every stage of life find it hard to send into ministry.

Why send
1. Preach the gospel
2. Gospel is mission focused
3. Gospel envisions outward-looking congregation
4. Who will be sent?

Are you the pastor of a club or a gospel shaped mission organisation.

10% vision policies
1. Prayer & Preaching
2. Plant churches, groups etc
3. People – reach, build (train), send
4. Change everything which gets in the way of 1-3

note on 3 – declining diocese automatic reaction is to shrink the numbers of clergy – but you need to expand the number of clergy and if you can’t afford it then call them to pay for themselves [wealthy baby boomer grannies, flexible work patterns].

How to send
Partnership – mutuality, perseverance to independence. Not passengers – united, standing firm in the gospel (Phil 1)
1. Intentional strategy, not just turning up week after week – plan where to go under the gospel – PCC, elders ask what are we doing to
2. Move people from outsider to attender to membership to trained partner. Constantly train potential leaders. Train by doing – always take someone with you. Worry that ministers are always at home in front of the computer. Don’t put accountants in charge of budgets, use the entrepreneurs. Money follows ministry. Christians will not spend their money on chugging ministry, they are not stupid. Set budget 8 months ahead – brain storm realistic ideas, budget each idea, prioritise. There is never enough money. So don’t say “we don’t have enough money”. Forces us to think about things.

PCC rubber stamps
Find natural leaders and get them on board for developing a vision.
Budget not designed to restrict spending but prioritise.
Budget calls a congregation to give, it stretches people.
People going into ministry find money.
Sydney gives a book allowance.

You mentioned natural leaders and PCC members. In your experience as principle of Moore College to what extent is leadership purely aptitude and how much can be learned?

Church audits – send 2/3 anonymously (with agreement of leadership) to experience Sunday morning and report.

Set up new ministries.

Exporting partners is painful. It will be easier if you are training.

Never send anyone into ministry without full time training – 4 years to do the most spiritually and demanding job there is.

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