7 reasons to grasp justification by faith

In his book, The Marrow of True Justification, Benjamin Keach gives 7 reasons why Christians should grasp the doctrine of justification by faith:

  1. Because the doctrine of justification is one of the greatest and most weighty subjects I can insist upon; it being by all Christians acknowledged to be a Fundamental of Religion and Salvation…Other subjects a Minister may Preach upon, and that unto the Profit and Advantage of the People; but this he must Preach, this he cannot omit, if he would truly Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  2. Because I fear many Good Christians may not be so clearly and fully instructed into this Doctrine as they ought…
  3. Because the present Times are perilous, and many Grand Errors in and about this great Fundamental Point too much abound and prevail..
  4. Because if a Person err herein, or be corrupt and of an unsound Faith, in the case of Justification, he is in a dangerous condition, though he may seem to be otherwise a Good Christian and of a Holy Life…
  5. Because this Doctrine tends so much to the Honour of God, and the magnifying of his infinite Wisdom, and his Free Grace, and Mercy in Jesus Christ, and also the abasement of the Creature.
  6. Because from this Doctrine doth proceed all the Hope we have of Eternal Life.
  7. Because ’tis a Doctrine that affords so much sweet and Divine Comfort to our souls, when rightly understood and apprehended; and I am persuaded ’tis through the want of Light, and clear knowledge of this Doctrine, so many Doubts and Fears attend many Good Christians: For, divers weak Saints are ready to judge of their Justification according to the degree and measure of their Sanctification, and can hardly be brought to believe, such vile Creaturese as they are, who find such evil and deceiptful Hearts, and so many great Evils and infirmaties in their Lives, can be Justified in the sight of God.

Point 7 is the mistake of the neonomian, where gospel and law, justification and sanctification are mingled. Keach goes on in his book to expound Romans 4:5:

And to the one who does not work but trusts him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is counted as righteousness

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