A spiritual home check-up

I have a little booklet called A Spiritual Check-up, by Dr W.E. Sangster, published by the Westminster Press in 1952. His section on Christians in the home is very sobering:

What am I like at home?

Do those who know me best, believe in me most?

Am I thoughtful for those who are serving me everyday?

Do I criticize the Church and other Christians in front of the children? – heedless or careless that it is nearly the most damning thing I could do for them.

In the morning half-awake, and in the evening over-tired, am I a Christian, courteous, grateful, good-humoured?

Do I acknowledge God (guests or no guests) with grace before meals; and do I ever call the family to prayer?

Do I think of the home as mine or God’s?

Am I as free as I can be with hospitality- not chiefly to those who can ask me back but to those who can’t?

Gracious Father, I am ashamed to be guilty of discourtesy at home which would be unthinkable elsewhere, and that where I am loved most, I sometimes act worst.
I mean to end all that.
Help me, for Christ’s sake, Amen

Romans 7:24-8:1 apply. My answers to these questions reveal my need of Christ’s love, death and righteousness as home is the place where any Christian veneer is stripped back and the real man is exposed.

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