The trees in “My first Message” bible

my-first-messageMy middle son has just moved up from “My First Message” bible to “New Century Version International Children’s Bible

My First Message has been a real favourite for my son, as the battered spine and torn edges show. It has also been one of my favourites because of the picture of the two trees in the midst of the Garden of Eden.trees-in-the-garden-message

This picture helps me set out the covenant of grace (the gospel) with my kids:

What choice did God give Adam and Eve?
They could trust God, eat from the tree of live and so have eternal life or disobey God by eating from the other tree, gain the knowledge of good and evil, but face death.

What sort of death did God promise?
The death God promised was the sort of death rebels once faced.
The guillotine, the firing squad, at the kings command.

So, in the garden.
God made his created people three promises.
1. Eternal life through faith in the word of God made in the tree of life
2. The knowledge of good and evil
3. Death by execution if they chose the second promise not the first

What did Adam and Eve chose to do?
Adam and Eve chose to disobey God by breaking the one rule he’d given them.

What did God chose to do?
God didn’t take them out them in front of a firing squad, he let them live, but he shut them out of his presence, so they grew old and died a natural death.

He also blocked their way to the tree of life, because it would be a disaster to live forever as disobedient rebels.

So every human being, born after Adam is
1. shut out of God’s presence
2. knows good and evil (big fat deal)
3. cannot get back to the tree of life
4. dies a natural death
5. and faces execution on the day of judgement

But the bible is the story of God’s grace, mercy and love as he offers us all a second chance.

God’s promises still stand today, he is faithful to his word, which is why Jesus came.

Jesus…lived in God’s presence, and lived the perfect life… he never disobeyed God. He is the only man who ever lived the perfect life. I don’t do it. I do evil things every day, which I know are evil.

Jesus was executed in our place.

Jesus didn’t stay dead, he beat death.

And so, Jesus offers us the promise of eternal life. He has taken the place of the tree of life so that everyone who trusts him and feeds on him by faith receives forgiveness of sins and his perfect righteousness (law keeping) and eternal life. God accepts and loves us as we love Christ and trust him for all he’s done for us.

That’s it.

Here’s my previous post on kid’s bibles which focus on only one tree. Can you guess which one?

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