How to make peace at church (part 3)

When we face problems of any kind, our prayers can be very self-centred. If my faith in Christ landed me in jail, what would I pray? Lord, deliver ME from this situation; Lord, release ME from this hell-hole; Lord, have mercy on ME. If we have a bust up at church, our prayer can be just as self-centred.

But, Paul doesn’t pray for his deliverance from jail in Philippians 1. He prays that he will not be ashamed on the day when he meets Christ, so that whether he lives or dies, Christ gets the glory.

Philippians Wall 3

1. Make the most of your life for Jesus (v18-20)
Don’t get wrapped up in self-indulgent, self-centred, defensive or competitive prayers. Live for Christ in every situation.

2. Live for Christ knowing death is better (v21-26)
Would you rather die and be with Christ or live and serve him?

3. Have one aim and purpose with other humbled sinners (v27-30)
What one purpose should humbled sinners share? Glorify Jesus, together.

My talk on this section of Philippians is on our church sermon page.

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