Carson Pue on Mentoring Leaders #2

I have a six-month review in a couple of weeks’ time. I want to make the most of the opportunity to have helpful and realistic feedback on how my ministry and leadership is going.

In Mentoring Leaders, Carson Pue recommends 7 areas for review:

The inclination to Pride

The most obvious manifestation appears among those who hold themselves in too high esteem…they have no one close enough to them to confront their posturing.

Leaders who have slipped to the inclination of pride cannot stand rivalry.

I have observed leaders in this state who seek out and desire intimacy of a spiritual mentor, but when the mentor begins to challenge them, or disapproves of their current ways, they look for another who will be more accommodating.


An “emotional buzz” from a relationship may be experienced positively, but is nonetheless seductive by meeting non-conscious emotional needs without being considered “sexual”…often the start of a slide down the slippery slope…

Spiritual Excess

An excessive craving for consolation or the constant need to confess something…[they are] more attached to the attention the get from the consolations and support of others rather than from God himself.

Spiritualized Lust

This is craving after spiritual things because of the feelings attached to it. Spiritualized lust is nurtured while doing “good things like attending prayer meetings…

Tiredness and Sloth

Symptoms of this are weariness in performing even the most elementary of the spiritual disciplines.

Surrounding with abundance

…surrounding Christian leaders with an abundance of resources and opportunities, allowing them to hide from their sometimes less than stellar spiritual life. This abundance includes books, readings, and research that consume all of the leader’s time and energy and leave nothing for personal interior work.

…too many duties and responsibilities…[or] a multitude of ministry opportunities.


a place where leaders begin to feel that they have arrived – that they have reached a particular degree of development or stature – and then gradually allow themselves to become complacent in that place.

1.Gradual weakening of your ministry energy and spiritual desire
2.A blinding of your conscience – judgement becomes warped
3.Gradual weakening of the will – making concessions that were once unheard of.
4.No desire to work hard at repairing – dodging and avoiding restoration attempts
5.Letting yourself slide in every respect – often this appears with changes in physical appearance.

I can see that all seven danger zones apply. Keeping close to Christ and setting up regular and open feedback from trusted mentors are key to avoidance. Both these things are easy to lose touch with in ministry. Does anyone have any strategies?

Here’s the link for Mentoring Leaders Part 1

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