If the Lord is for you…

Romans 8:31 If God is for us, who can be against us?

Ebenezer Erskine unpacks what it means for God to be for us from the covenant-grant “I am the Lord your God.”

The greatest word ever God spake since the fall of Adam! For here he not only speaks forth his own glory and transcendent being, but he speaks over himself unto us as our God…God’s covenant of promise is not a things past, or a things to come only, but a thing present, “I am the Lord thy God.”…

[the] title whereby be describes himself is relative; “thy God.” This is it that sweetens the name of Jehovah unto us; he is Jehovah our God. The terror of his amazing and infinite greatness were enough to affright and astonish all mankind; but when he says, “I am thy God even thy own God;” not an avenging God, to execute the penalty of the broken law upon thee, but a “God with thee, a God on thy side,” to pity, pardon , and defend thee, a “God gracious and merciful, abundant in goodness and in truth;” this O this! renders his name Jehovah amiable and desirable.

In Erskine’s theology, it is when terrified, astonished sinners discover that the penalty of the broken law has been executed, not on them, not now or ever, but on Christ their propitiation, that God becomes our friend and ally. In the death of Christ God most loudly says “I am the Lord your God.”

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