From the vicarage Nov 2009

From the vicarage November 2009

Dear All

One of the great heroes of modern British history is Scott of the Antarctic. His goal to be the first man in the world to stand on the south pole inspired millions. His tale of failure to return, dying hungry and exhausted in extreme cold is legendary.

There are two lessons the church can learn from Scott. First, it is very easy for a church to drift without direction or any sense of purpose, to have no mission. Scott had a single minded goal and sense of purpose which took him and his colleagues to the south pole. He had to plan, provision and prepare for his journey. His goal gave him and his men energy, enthusiasm and bravery. He had a vision of what could be achieved and how. In much the same way, God has given a goal and purpose for his church. We must know God’s goals if we are to live and be inspired by them.

Second, Scott failed to appreciate the scale of the task and so failed to prepare adequately which led to his failure to return. It is easy for a church to have grand visions where we don’t fully appreciate what might be involved and so we fail to prepare and fail in our mission.

enjoy engage envision

On the Saturday 14th November, the church council will be spending a day in Brewood, Staffordshire, seeking God’s will and purpose for Holy Trinity church. We hope to enjoy our time away together, engage with God’s word and will for his church and so envision Holy Trinity.

Please pray for us that day, for God’s direction, guidance and a common sense of God’s call. Please also give some thought to God’s purpose for us as his church. At church last week I gave out an information sheet on the vision and asked the congregation to think about two questions:
1.What does God tell us in the bible about His purpose for the church?
2.What is the church to do?

If you would like to contribute to the vision setting day, and if you are moved by God, do let me know what answers you have to these questions.

Lastly, you might ask, why are we doing all this? Can’t we just carry on as we have, doing what we do? Yes we could, but the wisdom of God calls us to prophetic vision:

Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people perish

I am looking forward to the day and expecting great things.

With love, Neil

About neilrobbie

I am a 6'6" formerly ginger Scot, in a cross cultural marriage to my lovely Londoner wife. We've lived in SE Asia and since 2005, I have served as an Anglican minister in Wolverhampton and West Bromwich.
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