Gang rape and the moral bankruptcy of secular society

In yesterday’s post I showed how Judges chapter 19 teaches us not to trust our human nature to do the right thing.  When everyone does what seems right in their own eyes, society melts down.  Some people are good but others gang rape and murder young women, because it seems right in their own eyes.

British culture has reached a similar situation to that of Israel in the time of the judges.  Everyone does was feels right according to their human nature.  Bankers stuff their pockets with other peoples’ cash, which is little more than legalised theft, because it seems right in their own eyes.  MPs feather their nests with the taxpayers hard-earned cash, because it seems right in their own eyes.  Drug dealing, binge drinking, sexual promiscuity and pornography are part of the fabric of society as people do what seems right in their own eyes.

When this happened in Israel the people cried out “nothing like this has happened before, what are we to do?”

First, they tried to sort the mess out by taking matters into their own hands.  This is the secular approach, where humans believe that they have the solution.  Israel used heavy handed tactics to wipe out the evil in their ranks, but that simply created another problem elsewhere, like squeezing a balloon.

We find half of the solution to the social malaise in Judges 19:1, “at that time Israel had no king.”  The problem was not the lack of a king per se as God was their king.  The problem was a lack of respect for His authority.  And so, the choice for every human being is either to do what seems right in our own eyes or to do what is right in the kings eyes.

People have a God given instinct to look to leaders in authority, kings, prime ministers and presidents, we expect them to do the right thing.  The question we need to ask about our current batch of hapless world leaders is, “where do they get their authority and direction from?”  It is not from God.  Therefore, government is run by what our leaders think is right in their own eyes.

As Chancellor, Gordon Brown steered the economy of this nation in a way that he thought was good, in his own eyes.  In reality, he helped fuel a speculative bubble by borrowing and overspending, selling the nation’s gold reserves and squandering it all on expensive government projects.  Secular governments are monetarily and morally bankrupt.  We can have no respect for leaders who make things up as they go along.  For three or four generations we have drifted away from our once Christian ethos and world view and this is where we find ourselves.

We need a king, someone all people respect and obey.  We need God to rule in our hearts and minds.  At this time, there is no respect for the King and everyone does what he thinks right in his own eyes.

Tomorrow, I’ll blog on the second half of the solution from Judges 19.

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