10 ways in which God in Christ is a God of love #2

This is the second of Ebenezer Erskine’s points on how God in Christ as a God of love.

Ebenezer Erskine

2. God in Christ is a promising God; and does not this say that he is a God of love? God abstractly considered is a threatening God, a revenging God; but, in Christ, a promising God; and we find, 2 Cor. 1v20 – that all the promises of God are in Christ, and in him yea and amen.” Whenever you meet with any promise in the Bible, of grace or of glory, of peace or of pardon, or be what it will, you would still take it up as a promise of a God in Christ: Christ having fulfilled the condition of the promise of eternal life, by his obedience and death, the promises are given out to us, through him, as the immediate ground and foundation of our faith…

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