From the vicarage Dec 09

From the vicarage December 2009 and January 2010

Dear All

In my last letter to you I mentioned the PCC away day, in Brewood in Staffordshire. We had a very enjoyable, though stretching day, which was only spoiled by not being able to take a walk by the canal due to the gales and rain. If ever you are in Brewood, we highly recommend the Admiral Rodney for lunch.

We covered the vision setting day in three sessions. First, we looked at God’s will for his church and developed a first draft vision statement. Next, we looked at the strengths and weaknesses of Holy Trinity under six headings: mission, ministry, multiplying, membership, magnifying God and Maturity. Last, we reviewed the vision statement under those six heads and prayed.

We believe God’s vision for Holy Trinity at this time is (it might alter slightly before PCC approval):

Holy Trinity Church exists to…

Glorify God
People are made by God for God’s glory.
We glorify God by looking to him, knowing him, loving him and enjoying him. We therefore aim to grow together in the knowledge and love of God by prayerfully reading and studying all of God’s word together in the light, power and fellowship of His Holy Spirit.

Love, accept, care and pray for one another

Sin divides people and makes it hard for us to live with each other. As believers, however we are united by God because of his undeserved kindness to us. We therefore aim to love, accept, care and pray for one another, not because we are lovable but because Christ first loved us by dying for our sin.

Teach the next generation
The next generation depends on this generation for the direction they need. We therefore aim to teach our children and new believers about Jesus and to model godly love, faith, wisdom and obedience, at home and in school, at church and in the community.

Bless the people of West Bromwich
God has promised that his family will be a blessing to the world. We therefore aim to be God’s blessing to our local community, in West Bromwich and beyond by being good neighbours and multiplying our ministries.

as we hear, believe and joyfully live out the good news and commandments of Jesus Christ together.
True faith and joy come by hearing and believing the good news of Christ. Obedience to him flows out of love for him. We therefore aim to continually hear, believe and joyfully live out the good news and commandments of Jesus Christ together.

As we repeat this vision statement, think and talk about it, it should shape who we are and what we do as a church. Do pray for us all as we do this.

In the second session we thought about the various services and ministries at Holy Trinity and tried to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of our fellowship.

A balanced church does the following six things well:

A well balanced and effective church: people a sense of God’s presence as we magnify him in worship through prayer, praise, and preaching
2.ministries multiply as we intentionally serve God as king and expand our ministries.
3.people in the church grow in maturity by knowing God through bible teaching and study
4.people feel that they belong somewhere in church
5.everyone is a witness and mission partner as we seek to win souls for Christ
6.and we engage the needs of the world in social action

We believe that Holy Trinity is strong in two areas, medium in three and weak in one. The church has a strong sense of belonging and family reunion. We are also strong on worship, praise and prayer, magnifying God. We are medium strength on maturity as people study God’s word together, we have various social ministries, such as KidsClub, lunch club, social afternoon and TNG and we have been multiplying ministries. What we are weak on is mission or soul winning. There is not much intentional, deliberate, focused local mission being done in the church by church members.

So, this coming Lent, we will address this by running a course called “Lost for Words” which will help us share our faith with our friends, neighbours and others.

It will be tempting to think that it is not really your thing to share your faith. Please don’t think that way. As the poster in the church entrance says “you are this church’s best missionary.” Lost for words will give you the motivation and reasons you need to share your faith. It will also help you find your style and give you some simple tools to help others know and experience the love of God in Christ Jesus.

With this vision, we must look forward to great things as God shapes what we do as a church and who we are as his people.

I hope you have a joyful Christmas and happy New Year as you share the thrill of the birth of Jesus, our wonderful counselor, mighty King and loving Saviour.

With love in his name, Neil

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  1. I love to see a church with a bit of purpose! You’re doing a good job Neil 🙂

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