Transforming Grace Venn diagram posts

Readers of this blog will know that I’ve written more than a few posts with Venn diagrams to help us analyse Christian personality types, leadership types, church type and so on.

This post is an index of all those blogs with a brief description of each. The posts are grouped into subjects and are ordered by date posted:

Personality Types

1. 8 biblical personality types. (April 2008)
There three interlocking areas of life; salvation, law and wisdom.  This post shows what happens when bits are missing from the picture

2. 13 Christian personality types (June 2008).
Christians are to be focused on the person of Jesus Christ and so have knowledge of Christ, faith in Christ, affection for Christ and obedience to Christ.  How do you know you are lacking in one or more of these areas of Christian life?

3. 7 more Christian personality types (3 Dec 2009)
When God is one or more of husband, king and father.

4. 8 more biblical Christian personality types, (Jan 2010)
This diagram is based on how people view God’s throne of glory, justice and grace.

5. On a full relationship with God the Father (Feb 2011)
This post looks at the interaction of justification, adoption and regeneration and what happens when one is absent in our relationship with God.

6. 9 Christian personality types from Matthew 21 (Apr 2011 – from Palm Sunday)
Jesus teaches on the need for faith that moves mountains, recognition of his authority, repentance and belief. Here’s how they work together.

7. Salt of the earth and light of the world? (May 2011)
What would a first century Jew hear when Jesus said “You are the salt of the earth and light of the world”? What are Jesus disciples?

8. Rico Tice on The identity, mission and call of Christ. (June 2011)
Rico states that Christians who fall away lack one or more of the identity, mission and call of Christ. This post looks at why that is.

9. Love the Lord your God with all your…a spiritual checkup (Dec 2011)
There are four faculties God has given us to love him with: the heart, soul, mind and strength. This post helps us check how we are doing.

10.  John Frame on knowing how we know things. Epistemology. (May 2012)
Frame’s categories of normative, situational and existential knowledge and what happens if one is absent.

11. When risk and reward replace duty and love (October 2012)

Are you like Boaz or the man who failed to redeem Ruth? This post gives us a spiritual check-up of our levels of duty and love.

Leadership and church

12. When church leaders implement change. (Nov 2008)
This post looks at the relationship between justification by faith and changing religious traditi0n.

13. 5 types of Christian preachers. (Dec 2008)
A preacher should have biblical theology, systematic doctrine, solid exegesis and a grasp of contemporary life and culture. Here’s what happens when one is missing in a preacher’s training.

14. When division in church is illegitimate. (June 2009)
This diagram looks at what unites Christians and what we often make as points of division.

15. 5 Christian leadership types. (9 Nov 2009)
Here I take Jim Packers four areas of knowledge of God which result in:
1. Great energy for God
2. Great thoughts of God
3. Great boldness for God
4. Great contentment in God

16. Holy, catholic and apostolic.(March 2010)
The three functions of church, to be holy (like God in his excellencies and purity), catholic (generously loving) and apostolic (missional, outward focused) and what happens when one function is missing.

17. Types of evangelistic preaching(March 2010)
A good sermon contains three elements; art, virtue and knowledge. What happens when bits are missing?

18. Art, virtue and knowledge in good communication (June 2010)
Building on Rico’s preaching evangelistically, the principles are applied to all communication including dialogue.

19.  God’s word as information and invitation (June 2010)
How systematic theology, meditation and liturgy fit as we open God’s word.

20. Form, content and character in church meetings. (Sept 2010)
A church meeting can edify or otherwise and this post looks at what is needed to make church work to the glory of God.

21. Big Society? The relationships between state, church and family. (Dec 2010)
This post looks at what happens when two of the three institutions necessary for a blessed nation ignore the other.

22.  The road to ministry burnout. (Jan 2011)
This post considers crucifixion, mortification and prayer and what happens when one or more is absent and the spiral down to burnout.

23. Christ as Prophet, Priest and King. (June 2009)
Debates is the church on homosexuality, for example, often focus on morality verses love. This post looks at why it is essential for such debates to be related to the threefold office of Christ.

24. Holy Communion in a Venn Diagram. (November 2016)
Bare memorial, spiritual presence and covenant renewal. What does church look like when one or more of these aspects of the communion service is missing? How do all three work together?


25. Lordship attributes: control, authority and presence (Oct 2010)
In this post I take John M. Frame’s Lordship attributes and ask what would happen to God if one were missing.

26. Grasping the threefold love of God. (April 2011)
Francis Turretin wrote that God loves his people before we were, as we are and when we are. This post looks at what happens if we forgot one of the ways God loves us.

27. Open Theism, Reformed Theolgy and Fatalism. (March 2012)
Taking the twin doctrines f the sovereignty of God and the providence of God, this post considers the weight given to each by three schools of thought and what happens to the believer when we go light on sovereignty or light on providence.

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