Where are the hymns about teaching kids?

Can anyone help? I need songs or hymns which remind the church to teach kids about God and Christ. Can anyone suggest any songs or hymns that I could use over the next few weeks?

I was preaching Psalm 78 and found a metrical version, but struggled to find anything else.

Psalm 78 – Metre 77 77 77

1. Listen, all to what I teach,
Pay heed to what I shall say.
I will speak in parables
And tell myst’ries from the past.
Things that we have heard made known,
That our parents told to us.

2. We won’t hide them from our young,
We will tell those yet to come,
All the mighty deeds of God,
All the wonders he has done.
He gave laws to Israel,
And commandments to Jacob.

3. God instructed our forebears
To teach these laws to our young,
So those yet unborn will know,
Passing them on to their young,
So that they should hope in God,
Not forget, but keep his laws.

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5 Responses to Where are the hymns about teaching kids?

  1. Ros says:

    Tell out, my soul.

    Especially the last verse:

    Tell out, my soul, the glories of his word:
    Firm is his promise, and his mercy sure.
    Tell out, my soul, the greatness of the Lord
    To children’s children and for evermore.

  2. étrangère says:

    The short answer is obviously the Psalter. I think of the end of Ps22, too, with its huge mission-generational implications of Christ’s cross work: ‘…tell of his righteousness to a people as yet unknown, that he has done it!’

    But also there must be some in ‘Trinity Hymnal’, the Presbyterian hymnbook I grew up with. I’m trying to recall the hymn we’ve sung recently in church several times which speaks of the next generation, but I can’t. Sorry!

  3. neilrobbie says:

    Hi Ros and Rosemary, thank you both! I asked the question just in case there were lots of hymns or songs I had not come across which exhorted grown ups to teach church kids about the wonders of God. Like you, I’m not sure there are many.

    So, can anyone write a few, please.

    With love, Neil

  4. Kelly says:

    Two years later, I know… LOL… but in searching for something similar just found “We Thank You, God, For Teachers” By C.W. Gillette. http://www.carolynshymns.com/we_thank_you_god_for_teachers.html . Obviously too late to help you probably, but maybe this will help someone else 🙂

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