From the vicarage February 2010

The 20th of February marks the 1st anniversary of the arrival of the Robbie family in West Bromwich. Looking back over the year there have been lots of good moments as we’ve achieved many things together for God in a fairly short period of time. We have a new ministry for youth in the area. At TNG we aim to have godly fun together and teach the next generation about the wonder and glory of God. I’ve been really encouraged by the batch of new volunteer leaders, without whom TNG would not exist. Our ministry trainee Tommy Merry has been a great blessing, especially now that he has settled into vicarage and parish life and he sets about various aspects of ministry with great enthusiasm and energy. There’s cake and chat on Thursday morning which continues to attract a faithful group of mums, and some dads, from the church school community. We have a new church vision statement which lays the foundation for our purpose and direction as we think about new ways of giving our all for God’s glory. The is plenty to thank God for in church life over the past year.

Yet, as we approach the start of the second year of my ministry at Holy Trinity I expect a hard year ahead. After a year in post trying to get a feel for church life and how things work we face a task of tweaking and structuring church life to match God’s vision. I can see two urgent needs for our church. The first is to pray. As a church we face many challenges and obstacles in the work of the gospel in West Bromwich but we know that God works with us and for us as we pray. We need prayer for a greater grasp of the knowledge, love, wisdom and glory of God. One of the great things about being a Christian is that we can always grow in our grasp of God. We also need prayer for many eyes in our community to to be opened to the wonder, goodness and love of God in Christ Jesus.

The second urgent need is to make effective disciples. We need to create pathways for people to become believers and then become effective disciples. These pathways need already effective disciples to help teach and train the next generation. The principle is simple: we listen to God by studying all of God’s word together in the light, power and fellowship of the Holy Spirit. However, finding an effective way of doing this, which is right for our culture, is a little more challenging and will need thought and prayer. It is essential that we help new believers to pray and read the bible for themselves.

In the short term, we have a mini mission during Lent.
– Sunday March 7th Memorial Service (6:30pm)
– Sunday March 14th Colin Buchanan at Edgebaston School for girls
– Sat & Sun March 20th & 21st Holy Trinity Passion for Life Mini Mission weekend
– Fri-Sun March 26th – 28th A Passion for Life at Birmingham Town Hall
– Fri-Sun April 2nd – 4th Good Friday and Easter Sunday

Watch out for more details at church.

This year’s lent course is called “Lost for Words: sharing your faith naturally”. The Lent course starts this year with an Ash Wednesday (17th Feb) service and talk. We then move to Thursdays in the hall from 7:30pm to 8:45pm and we end with a Maunday Thursday (1st April) service. In Lost for words we will explain what being a missional church looks like. We’ll find your mission style, develop courage and give you some simple mission tools for your spiritual arsenal.

It is my prayer that, more than ever, we’ll be focused as a whole church on living for the glory of God together in this place.

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