The gospel in 10 steps from Colossians 2:9-15

Paul sets out the good news of Christ in ten steps (Colossians 2:9-15)

1. All of God’s nature lived in Jesus (v9)
If you want to know what God is like as a person, look at Jesus

2. If you are a Christian believer, you have been given everything you need for life. (v10)

3. He has freed you from your sinful self by a spiritual circumcision (v11). This sounds strange to us, but to Jewish believers it makes perfect sense. Circumcision done by men on baby boys was a mark of belonging to God. The circumcision done by Christ is in the heart. This is the mark of belonging to God and it frees you from the desire to sin. Paul then goes on to explain how Christ frees us from the desire to sin.

4.  You have been buried with Christ in baptism (v12).
He died for your sins and you died with him so that your sins have been buried with him, forever.

5. (V12) God has raised you to a new life through your active faith in Christ by the same power that raised Jesus from the dead.
In other words there has been a miracle in your life as amazing as resurrection from the dead.

6. What is this miracle? You were once dead (v13), spiritually dead as a doornail.
You once had the spiritual awareness and sensitivity of roadkill. But God has brought you to life with Christ. That’s a miracle. God makes spiritually dead sinful people alive and aware of their sin.

7. He has forgiven us our sins (v13). Everything, every wrong thought, word and action, all the bad things I have done and all the good things I have not done. Forgiven!

8. He cancelled the record of our debts. We have massive debts owed to God. The problem we have is we can never repay them. We can’t do enough good to pay for them, we can’t borrow money, everything in the universe belongs to God so it’s not as if we could give him anything he doesn’t already own. Our debts caused by our sin and evil are unpayable but forgiven.

Did he just forgive as if what we’ve done didn’t really matter? What about justice?

9. God nailed our debt to the cross where Jesus died. (Verse 14)
The death of Jesus paid the price for our sins.
Our sins matter to God and God is just.

10. His death (v15) makes a mockery of all forms of “spiritual” wisdom, authorities and rulers.
Religious gurus or prophets who claim to be wise, who make up religious rules, traditions or spiritual exercises look like idiots, complete fools because of Jesus. No one else has died for the sins of their enemies.

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