Tim Sisemore – The distracted family

World Proof Your Kids

More notes from Tim Sisemore’s excellent book “World-Proof Your Kids

The Distracted family

Parenting pattern, goal of this family is for parents to make life enjoyable and active: life is busy, a constant flow of fun events, hustle and bustle, entertainment, activity. Mixture of task and fun.

What does it look like in practice?
Father might work long hours to provide the necessary cash
Mum then runs a taxi service for the kids
Both parents spend their free time chasing the timetable
They are often late to church, each member of the family does their own thing when they get there.
They have TV in all the bedrooms
Computers, facebook, myspace, texting, telephones, X-boxes and PSPs prevent meaningful interaction in the home
This family never sits down for a meal together because everyone’s timetable is different.

Why the distracted family?
they are just too busy. The distracted parent never stops to think about being a parent and about the patterns of family life. The next activity, task, duty of event drives everything.

The problem
The kids never learn the value of family or community, and grow up as self-indulgent individuals.
They will find it hard to settle into a routine and family life.
The don’t see the value of church as it conflicts with other more fun activities on which they’d rather spend their valuable time.

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One Response to Tim Sisemore – The distracted family

  1. peterB says:

    From the perspective of the explorers leader (7-11 year olds) it’s easy to see this sort of thing every now and then. Particularly when the parents interrupt the end of the session because they need to take the kids to the next activity. At our old church we just said “no, we’re not finished yet”, I need to revive that practice I think.

    From a parents perspective, there’s real pressure where we are to be keeping up with the activities that the kid’s friends are doing, it’s not an area of life where we expected pressure to conform to the world’s way of living.

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