From the vicarage August 2010

Dear All

The economic bubble has burst and the days of material blessing will soon be at an end. From the early 1980s until 2008 the nation hungered and thirsted after wealth. Money sloshed around like cheap beer at Glastonbury festival and most people could afford life’s little luxuries. But now the United Kingdom owes £925 billion pounds to the banks (that’s £14,796 for every man, woman and child or £73,980 for the Robbie family, eek!) and the debt is still increasing by £5500 every second! On top of this, personal debt (mortgages, loans and credit cards) now stands at £1460 billion pounds. The party is over and the hangover has just begun. Yet as the blessing of material wealth vanishes like the early morning mist people will still want to be blessed.

This autumn we’ll be discovering real and lasting blessing. Beginning in September through to November we’ll find how to receive God’s blessings in the Psalms. These ancient spiritual songs are gold mines of God’s blessing.

19th Sept Blessed is the man who delights in… (Psalm 1)
26th Sept Blessed is he who knows… (Psalm 32)
17th Oct Blessed are all who fear… (Psalm 128 – Harvest)
24th Oct Blessed are all who take… (Psalm 2)
31st Oct Blessed are those you… (Psalm 65)
14th Nov Blessed is the man who makes the Lord his… (Psalm 40)
21st Nov Blessed are those who dwell… (Psalm 84)
28th Nov All nations will be blessed through… (Psalm 72)

We’ll be publishing postcards (like the one above) for you to give to friends over the summer so that we can all find and share in God’s blessings together. Do be praying for someone to give a postcard to and ask God for the boldness to do it.

Have a great summer.

With love, Neil

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