Faith not the ability or zeal of a pastor

On being a Pastor

I am tempted to think that if I were more able and zealous then people might be converted and the church grow but of course this is nonsense. My trust must not be in me or my work but in God who can do all things. This extract from “The sword and the trowel” by C.H. Spurgeon is quoted in the chapter on life and character in “On being a pastor”:

Our work especially requires faith. If we fail in faith we had better not have undertaken it; and, unless we obtain faith commensurate with the service we shall soon grow weary of it. It is proven by all observation that success in the Lord’s service is very generally in proportion to faith. It certainly is not in proportion to ability, nor does it always run parallel with a kind of zeal; but it is invariably according to the measure of faith, for this is a law of the kingdom without exception, “According to thy faith be it done unto you.” It is essential, then, that we should have faith to be useful, and that we should have great faith if we are to be greatly useful. For many other reasons besides usefulness — namely, even for our being able to hold our own against the enemies of the truth, and for ability to stand against the temptations which surround our office — it is imperative upon us that we should have abundant confidence in the living God. We, above all men, need the mountain-moving faith, which, in the old time, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions, subdued kingdoms, and wrought righteousness.

…Next to, this, our faith most earnestly and intensely fixes itself upon the Christ of God . We trust in Jesus; we believe all that inspired history says of him; not making a myth of him, or his life, but taking it as a matter of fact that God dwelt in very deed among men in human flesh, and that an atonement was really and truly offered by the incarnate God upon the cross of Calvary. Yet the Lord Jesus Christ to us is not alone a Saviour of the past. We believe that he has “ascended up on high, leading captivity captive,” and that he “ever lives to make intercession for us”

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I am a 6'6" formerly ginger Scot, in a cross cultural marriage to my lovely Londoner wife. We've lived in SE Asia and since 2005, I have served as an Anglican minister in Wolverhampton and West Bromwich.
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1 Response to Faith not the ability or zeal of a pastor

  1. Martin Hill says:

    A recent call from God to move fellowship has renewed my belief that the passion of the leadership for speaking grace and living in the power of Christ crucified and risen is essential for healthy church. I sit wrapped in the presence of the holy and convicted of God’s presence in my daily walk as they speak. I am drawn by the integrity of their walk with their talk and the humility in which they adopt a leading role. We are together as the people of God and their role is to teach for righteousness and empower the people of God for acts of service. Nothing communicates the call of God to follow Jesus than people who are doing so and openly encourage others to go on with him. Passion for Jesus lies at the heart of a people that live his way imho. Peace <

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