God as author and director of history and the bible…

A couple of weeks back, I blogged on John Frame’s analogy of God as the author of the great play which is world and biblical history.  In this play there are billions of characters who interact with each other over and within history as God writes and directs their parts in his story of the world.

As I thought about it I tried to find an analogy for the bible within this view of God.  To begin with I came up with the concept of the bible as the author/director’s commentary, like the ones you get on DVD, where the director discusses the plot or various scenes and characters.  That analogy goes something toward showing where the bible fits in God’s great play.  The bible does not contain the whole script, as billions of people live in the world outside biblical history.  The bible does reveal the beginning, the plot, the author, the director, the main characters and the ending.  Of course, the bible is more than a director’s commentary because the director himself steps into the play; the historical narrative of the bible is a part of the whole play and so on.

I’ve only rarely watched a director’s commentary, they are tedious and too arty or luvvy for me.  That’s where the comparison breaks down completely as the bible is never dull no matter how often I read it.  Still, without the bible, human history would be a story without God’s revelation of his intentions, plans and actions behind and within it.  We need the bible to understand what is going on in the world and in that way it acts like an author/director’s commentary.

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One Response to God as author and director of history and the bible…

  1. godandman says:

    I like this analogy Neil. I think the reason that the Bible is never boring is that it is the living Word. When we come to read the Bible it not only ‘comments’ on the things that have already been put ‘in the can’ but also in the action of our daily lives. The difference between the use of modern media and the revelation of God is that, there may be different director’s cuts and outtakes from the cutting room floor, but God is engaged in the live action of our lives and shows this by leading us through his Word and by his Spirit. Peace to you <

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