Brook clinic advice on sexual ethics

The news bulletins on brmb radio this afternoon have run an interview with Brook clinic in Birmingham who report a monthly increase in enquiries for their services of 33% after Christmas.  The news bulletins were running during brmb’s essential 500 tracks (and, of course, the school holidays).

The lady from Brook said “alcohol plays its part in the increased levels of clients at our clinics.  In the middle of winter, everyone’s a bid low and so yes, a bit of sex will lift our spirits, but only do what you want to do.”

Now, there is a clear need for sexual health clinics to cure STDs.  I believe abortion is wrong but women get pregnant.  What made me gasp was the conflict of interests in this interview.  A charity which exists to cure STDs and to offer emergency contraception or, when that fails, abortions should not confuse the service it runs with a different role advising on sexual ethics.  A clinic is for picking up the pieces when life goes wrong but the same clinic should not encourage the behaviour which leads to life’s problems in the first place.  We wouldn’t let a knife shop owner run a clinic for fixing knife wounds and then ask his advice on young people and knife use, would we?

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One Response to Brook clinic advice on sexual ethics

  1. Didn’t realise you were a BRMB fan!?

    Brook generally do a very good job and are working amongst a population of young people who are told from every angle that they should be having sex. It is important that they offer an unconditional service for contraception and protection. However, I strongly feel they don’t need to add their voice to the countless others that are saying light hearted, selfish sex is good.

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