Christian Vision for Men – Men and Motives #2 Addiction

Here’s part two of my notes from the CVM day “Men and Motives”. This session was on addiction.

Why do we get addicted?

We were made for heaven and perfection.
Earth is not heaven. There is pain and suffering for which we self-medicate.
Lack of love, security or self worth. Past abuse. Fear, anxiety…
Sexual addiction is a response to emotional need AND/OR we are just sinful and want to do evil.

Why does stuff stay hidden?
Competitive natures.
Worry of being found out.
Ramifications of addiction.
Fear of rejection.
Fear of punishment.
Fear of being judged.
Fear of hurting others.
A belief that “this is just the way I am, I can’t change.”
No one will understand.
I am the only one like this.
Spiritual stronghold.

What can be done about it?


Discover triggers for usage. Change patterns of thought and behaviour when triggered.
Think of the consequences – health, relationships etc
Find and establish accountability
Be involved in other things. Be busy.
Seek emotional/spiritual wholeness, healing.
Get professional help.


We can be as holy as we want to be in this life.
What does it mean to be holy?

Our struggles are nothing new.
Blessedness comes from holiness.

Christ died to make us holy, pure.
We must be what we already are in Christ.

He forgives, we must then forgive ourselves.
No fear of judgement or condemnation.

For more on addiction to porography see For Men Only.

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