From the vicarage April 2011

This post is a bit late, I forgot to post it and the APCM is past!

From the vicarage April 2011

The annual parochial church meeting is upon us again. I want to encourage you to come along, not just for the bring and share lunch and fellowship, but to remember what God has been doing in 2010, to give thanks and to pray for the year ahead. We’ll meet for lunch and the meeting after a shortened morning service on 17th April.

Nominations for church council members close on Sunday 3rd April. Many of this year’s PCC will serve again and we thank God for the faithful work of those who serve and are willing to continue serving. At the same time, God might call forward some fresh faces. The process of forming a PCC is not automatic, everyone stands for re-election. People on the PCC are not the vicar’s choice but are representatives of church members and must be selected by church members. The PCC is responsible for looking after the church buildings, grounds and the money given to Holy Trinity, all of which belong to the members of the church. It is important, in fact it is vital, that you have the right people elected to look after and steward the resources which have been generously given.

So what should you look for in a representative? Who should be elected? What should we ask God for in our PCC members? Our PCC members should be people who:

1. love the Lord Jesus and prayerfully seek to do his will.
2. have the gifts, time and desire to serve the church.
3. will do their duty diligently and faithfully.
4. can work as part of the PCC team and a sub-committee.
5. will encourage others to be involved in church life.
6. can see how the mission and vision of the church can be fulfilled through decisions taken at PCC and steward resources towards fulfilling our aims.

So, please pray for God strengthen and establish our PCC as we move into our new year of church government. Please pray for the opportunities and challenges which lie ahead to be tackled with prayerful confidence and in unity, with Jesus as our head and his mission at our heart.

With love from your brother in Christ


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