Bible by the Beach – Greg Venables

These are my sketchy notes, taken on my old Palm E2, at Greg Venables’ talks at Bible by the Beach. They are my notes, which means I will not have written Greg’s words verbatim, they are a collection of headings, snippets and nuggets of good stuff, but not much more.

BBTB Greg Venables – Day 1
Review of western Christianity

Doubting the word of God is always the battleground.
Baptism of Christ ‘you are my beloved Son.’
Temptation of Christ ‘if you are…’

Divide in the Western Church
“God has spoken authoritatively” vs “if you like it then believe it [make it up as we go along.]”

5 Ps of Christ’s resurrection

Day 2 – Bible reading 2 John 20:19-31
7 signs in John’s gospel
7 I Am Says of Jesus

People are so full of TV, the internet and possessions they have no appetite for anything more. Like kids who have snacked on crisps, Mars Bars and fruit before a meal there is no hunger for God.

Jesus comes to us corporately. We meet him in community.

Christians are not volunteers. Christians are called to serve and can only respond by saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’

Greg’s testimony of coming to faith from a post-modern student worldview.
Friend asked ‘what are you going to do with Jesus?’
Next day waiting for the train a piece of paper blew up in front of him saying ‘who is Jesus and what are you doing about it?
Greg went home, knelt down and prayed to Jesus for the first time.

Day 3 – John 21

People today say we can’t be sure about anything today and if you do believe something strongly then you are either a bit thick, bigoted or plane weird.

Simon Peter went fishing just after witnessing the resurrection. He behaved like a man who was driven to keep busy. He didn’t rest, take it easy, wait on the Lord. And his fishing was a failure. He’d failed with the Lord and now he’d failed as a fisherman. Jesus humbled Peter. It takes as long as it takes for us to be humbled. He’ll ask, as he asked Peter, “have you caught anything?” and we have to answer him. We come to the end of ourselves and then we are humbled and ready to listen and believe.

Then Jesus gave them bread and fish, ate with them. Took a brake and shared fellowship. Then he asked do you love me? You know I love you. Jesus didn’t scold, rebuke, ask Peter if he’d learned his lesson. Love of Christ is what counts because he first loved us.

Learn to let go of whatever you are holding on to. By doing so you find all you have ever wanted. We are like Moses trapped by the Red Sea, Egyptians pressing in, what do we do? Listen to God, do what he asks, which is to trust him as he sorts out the problem to which the is no human solution.

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I am a 6'6" formerly ginger Scot, in a cross cultural marriage to my lovely Londoner wife. We've lived in SE Asia and since 2005, I have served as an Anglican minister in Wolverhampton and West Bromwich.
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