Oak Hill School of Theology – session 2 notes – Luke-Acts

These are my sketchy notes from the second of four lectures given by David Peterson at the Oak Hill School of Theology 2011:

The renewal of Israel in Luke-Acts


Last Supper account “new covenant” reflects the new heart, forgiveness

Apart from the forgiveness of sin is their any other …

How have the themes been picked up from Jeremiah?

A remnant in waiting
A number of godly Israelites waiting for the prophecies to be fulfilled.
Zechariah told of a son who will be the one who prepares the way of the Lord.
John prepares the way of the Lord by turning the hearts of the people.

Zechariah’s song – Jer 3 and 33
The redeemer revealed

Opposition to Jesus will reveal the true hearts of men.

Redemption proclaimed.
The word of God comes to John as is it did to Jeremiah.
John’s preaching challenges those who hear i whether they are ready to meet and receive the king or not.
Those who come to baptism are called to repent and be baptised and to be prepared to receive Christ in the future, who will baptised with the Holy Spirit, changing hearts and giving people knowledge of God.

The poor in Luke are the spiritual poor who know their need of healing, forgiveness, mercy, help, strength, etc.

Jesus empowered by The Spirit

Jesus as the agent of God’s deliverance.

Two events emphasise Jesus’ ministry of the forgiveness of sins – healing of the paralytic and the calling of Levi from amongst the sinners and tax collectors, I’ve come for the sick not the righteous. [the righteous is an empty set].

forgiveness is the central plank of Jesus’ ministry. Complete forgiveness. – this is the eschatological hope. Then, with the second prophetic message of judgement, Jesus

Jesus warns about fruit of the heart. Jesus has a lot to say about the heart. He warns about the devil taking away the word from the heart 8:12 worries of wealth on the heart 12: ?? 21:34 patience and goodness of heart 8:15

Redemption accomplished.
A new act of redemption required which would surpasses the act of God’s redemption in Exodus.
Luke’s conclusion with the death of Christ

The Last Supper Sayings
Many scholars argue against a soteriological link between the forgiveness of sins and the cross. However, the in the last supper Christ makes explicit the link between the new covenant in his blood.

Luke’s passion narrative patterns Isaiah 53, numbered with the transgressors etc.

Crucifixion, resurrection and commissioning. “Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing.” Jesus has compassion on those who are against him and so for the nations. 24:47 – repentance and the forgiveness of sins are part of the offer of the gospel to the nations.

Ch22 – the last supper is found at the climactic part of Luke’s gospel. The blessings of the new covenant are found in the death and resurrection of Christ, displacing the law as the central plank of covenant stipulation.

The forgiveness Jesus offers is the motivation for repentance and obedience to the law.

Redemption applied
Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth (second exodus)
Ch 1:6 – restore the kingdom?
End time restoration begins with the pouring out of the Holy Spirit. Kingdom restore, but not in political or nationalistic sense.
Transitional passage in the bible – how are Jeremiah’s prophecies fulfilled, how will God restore and renew Israel? How has God been faithful and true to his word?

12 Apostles chosen (cf Lk 12:30)
Ideal Israel renewed with 12 judges of the 12 tribes – necleus of the new kingdom.
120 people receive the gift of the Holy Spirit – audience represents the lands to which the Jews had been dispersed.
Joel and Jeremiah paralleled.
The pouring out of the Spirit is a sign that the day of the Lord is near. Turn to Christ.
Peter’s audience is cut to the heart – repent and believe and receive the gift of HS and the promises of forgiveness (Acts 2:37-39)

Spiritual forgiveness cannot be experienced without repentance and belief.

People not only need salvation from God but from the perverting and corrupting influences of society. Disciples are to distance themselves from cultural values, centring instead on Christ and so being a light to the gentiles.

The Spirit’s transforming work.
Luke includes the work of transformation, as well as repentance and renewal, of people as they are brought into a community of faith and transformed within it (Acts 9:31) What does the new Israel look like? Luke points to the church and says “There it is”

Peter’s sermon in Acts chapter three following the healing of the crippled incorporates the prophetic renewal and transformation of the whole cosmos through the prophesied suffering Christ (Acts 3:18) and his suffer for sin leads to repentance for the blotting out (forgetting) of sin. Sons of the covenant will be a blessing to all the families of the earth and the rest of the book of acts records how this gospel is taken to the nations.

Pastoral observations
The teaching of Luke-Acts means the teaching of the link between repentance and forgiveness is explicit and removes any notion of cheap grace.
We should be confident of what the gospel can achieve as the Holy Spirit enables repentance and belief.
Forgiveness through Jesus and new life by the Holy Spirit gives the hope of the resurrection.
The renewal of the new covenant is not just for individuals but for the communal life of the church as people come to one heart and mind.

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