Leadership and growth by appraisal

I’ve been a vicar for just over two years and have recently completed my MDR (Ministry Development Review) and am now in an 18-month leadership training programme both of which involve feedback and appraisal from key members of the church.

I really welcome the opportunity to grow this way.  The process of appraisal is, however, a little bit removed from the people I work with.  The appraisal is done by questionnaire and fed-back to me through a third party.

In his book, Mentoring Leaders, Carson Pue writes the following with respect to evaluating leaders:

A significant point of growth for all leaders occurs when appraisal becomes a two-way conversation.  Try asking the team member how he perceives you and how your relationship could improve.  Ask how you can help the team member achieve his goals.  If you are able to create an open enough environment to listen and have meaningful conversation with most of your employees, your people will grow, you will grow, and you will have taken on the trait of a great leader. [Mentoring Leaders, p194]

I hope to be able to have these sorts of conversations with key members of Holy Trinity but I know I need to work hard to create the right environment for this to happen.

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