Transforming Grace Top 10 (2010-2011)

I’ve been blogging for over three years now. I still enjoy the discipline of trying to crystallise vague thoughts or jotting down useful stuff I’ve read. I also enjoy seeing what people are reading and sharing. This is this year’s top 10.

1. (3) 8 ways to attain a pure heart – This is the post most people are sharing. I love Thomas Watson’s advice on developing a pure heart.

2. (1) 13 Christian personality types – for two years this was the most popular post on this blog. It looks at what happens when Christians lack one of faith in, love for, obedience to or knowledge of Christ.

3. (2) 8 biblical personality types – this post drops a place too, It looks at how God views all people and so how we should view each other. The development of biblical EQ seems popular.

4. (5) Jesus, divorce and remarriage – Up a place from last year. I’ve been getting quite personal confession type comments on this post. An exposition of Mark 10 and the points Jesus makes on divorce, the law and salvation.

5. (-) Porn Open Season. Hmmmm. Sad but true, if there’s such a thing as open season porn. Search engine terms don’t suggest that people are looking for pictures of naked Dreamworks cartoon characters. Still, it’s a good thing if people find ways to help overcome porn addiction.

6. (4) Cross-Centered 7-week “lent” course. Here I posted my study group notes on C.J. Mahaney’s really helpful book “The cross centered life“.

7. (6) The doctrine of adoption – still high on the list, it is a blessing to know what it means to be a child of God through faith in Christ.

8. (-) Tim Sisemore’s – moving beyond reactive parenting. Which reminds me, I need to re-read “World Proof Your Kids”.

9. (-) A Christmas Cracker. Big just before Christmas as time-poor vicars look for new ideas for Christmas services.

10. (-) 25 Benefits of Faith Union with Christ. At last. I listed this as my favourite post in my first year of blogging. It’s now helping more people to get really rooted in Christ.

And my favourite this year? I really liked Ebenezer Erskine’s sermon on assurance;
9 marks of our being Christ’s true bride. All nine marks are based on the believer’s response to the glorious work of Christ.

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