A glorious summary of the person and work of Christ by Thomas Boston

Thomas Boston, the Ettrick Shepherd, was a Christ-centred preacher, a model for preachers today, as Andrew Thompson writes:

We have only to look into his sermons in order to see what a blessed extent his practice realized his aim. His whole teach is fragrant as a garden of sweets with that ‘name which is above every name.’  Wer find him dilating with holy delight on the various parts of Christ’s redemption work on which the salvation of the human race depended, and tracing it in its various stages from the one eternity to the other: Christ who ‘was in the beginning with God, and was God’, coming forth, in the fulness of time, from the bosom of the Father, and becoming incarnated in our humanity, in order that he might be qualified for working out our salvation in all its glorious and benignant issues; – Christ in his perfect obedience to the divine law, and in his atoning sufferings and death as the substitute of sinners, enduring in their behalf the penalty of sin, and ‘bringing in an everlasting righteousness’; – Christ in his triumphant resurrection from the dead, receiving the Father’s public testimony to his approval and acceptance of his atoning work, and ‘powerfully demonstrated to be the Son of God’; – Christ ascending to heaven, taking possession of its many mansions in his people’s behalf, there making continual intercession for them, and receiving from his Father’s hand the sovereignty of the universe, ‘all the power being given to him in heaven and on earth’. in order that by the dispensation of the Holy Spirit and the administration of his providence, he might in due time bring his innumerable redeemed in glory.

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