The work Mez McConnell is doing as a model for Holy Trinity

Mez McConnell. Listen to his testimony on the IX Marks website on how to do mission in the estate

If you have an hour to spare, perhaps whilst you’d otherwise be listening to the radio, then why not listen to this inteview with Mez McConnell on the IX Marks website? His story of a life in care, serious criminality, drugs and street culture; his conversion to Christ having heard about hell and salvation from unlikely but persistent, clean, caring, “middle class” lads and his work as a missionary are great stuff which bring glory to Christ.  What is best about the interview, as far as I am concerned, is his missiology.  How do you reach the people of Niddrie, a council estate in Edinburgh with serious social issues?  The answer Mez gives is: planned spontenaity, open and warm hospitality, sharing the gospel as you share your lives (reformission to use someone else’s term).  It is brilliant and affirming.  Thanks Mez.  It’s everyday church (to use another missiologist’s term).  This part of the interview starts about 45 minutes in.

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