10 marks of Christ upon which faith leans

Faith rests and leans on Christ
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What is Christian faith?  Faith is heart-felt, dependent trust in the person and work of Jesus Christ.  Here’s Ebenezer Erskine’s 10 marks of Christ upon which faith leans:

  1. Faith lives and leans upon the name of Christ; for “his name is a strong tower unto which the righteous flee, and are safe.”
  2. Faith lives upon the flesh of Christ, that is, upon the human nature as it stands personally united unto the divine: “My flesh is meat indeed.”…when taken up by faith in the light of the word and Spirit, is the sweetest meal or banquet to a believer in heaven or earth…
  3. Faith lives in the wilderness, not only on the flesh of Christ, or the mysteries of his incarnation, but upon the blood of Christ; by which I understand his satisfaction, which is frequently in Scripture expressed by his blood: “Behold the blood of the covenant;” that is, the satisfaction or death of Christ, that whereby the covenant is confirmed.
  4. Faith lives in the wilderness upon the life of Christ: “Because I live, ye shall live also.”
  5. Faith lives upon the advocacy and intercession of Christ: “If any man sin we, have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous, who makes intercession for the transgressors.”…O, will the soul say, I may be condemned by the world, or by the law, or by conscience; yet I know that I shall carry in the court of heaven, because my Advocate is the Lamb in the midst of the throne…
  6. Faith lives upon the word of Christ as it comes up from the wilderness.  Christ has passed his word in his testament, and he has sealed it with his blood, and he lives as the executor of his testament…
  7. Faith loves and leans on the righteousness of Christ, particularly in the matter of justification and acceptance; it casts away the works of the law like dung and loss, saying, “Surely in the Lord have I righteousness and strength.”
  8. Faith leans on the fulness of Christ, and says, “Out of his fulness do we all receive, and grace for grace.”
  9. Faith lives on the offices of Christ, his general offices as Mediator and Redeemer, and his particular offices as Prophet, Priest and King.
  10. Faith comes up from the wilderness, leaning upon the divine attributes, as they are manifested and displayed in Christ.  God, absolutely considered, is the sinner’s terror; and every attribute of God taken absolutely, or in a law-view, breathes nothing but wrath…but God manifesting himself in the flesh , or in the nature of man, through his death and satisfaction every attribute of the divine nature presents itself as with a pleasant smile, inviting sinners to come to him as an object of trust…

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