Church Attitude Survey

Richard Dawkins published his survey on religious and social attitudes this morning (see comment below).

On Sunday at church we launched our own church attitude survey, to help us prepare for our Lent studies.  This is a copy of our survey.  Please respond to the questions to help us with our Lent course.

Unfortunately, I can’t find a poll widget which allows me to ask the questions, so please leave responses as a comment – Yes/No for the first question then numbers 1-12 with A for agree strongly, B for agree slightly, C for disagree slightly, D for disagree strongly.

You can also download the paper copy of the questionnaire.

I am involved in a local church by doing more than attending once in a while – Yes/No


Britain is a Christian country


Britain would be a worse place to live if churches did not exist


The Church of England plays an important part in national government


When there is a local or national crisis, people expect the church to take a lead


Christians and churches are well represented in the British media


The local church is a place people turn to at various times in life even if they are not regular members


Most local churches are dying out or are already dead


The local church is not an active part of my community


Churches make a big difference to personal life in Britain


People are attracted to events run by the local church


Christians do not make friends with people who are not Christians


Churches have adjusted well to changes in society in recent years

Prof Dawkins’ survey makes helpful reading for a vicar like me.  The survey highlights that there are lots of well taught Christian believers and lots of not so well taught, if taught at all, Christian believers.  So thank you Prof Dawkins for providing the evidence that there’s lots of work to be done overcoming the ignorance which is sustained largely through our secular education and media.  May the church arise to the challenge to educate using social media to educate and may the growing network of biblical churches continue to point people to Christ so that lives are saved and transformed.

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I am a 6'6" formerly ginger Scot, in a cross cultural marriage to my lovely Londoner wife. We've lived in SE Asia and since 2005, I have served as an Anglican minister in Wolverhampton and West Bromwich.
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3 Responses to Church Attitude Survey

  1. alvinh says:

    Dono how to submit my ans, but here goes;
    0- yes
    1. why not? (strongly agree)
    2. in my opinion, as the depletion & decline of churches has made britan a progressively worse pl 2 live (strongly agree).
    3. strongly & vehemently agree
    4. It is gravely unfortunate that people attribute the beauty of nature to “mother nature” but when calamity happens, they know how to blame God – Prof Rick Griffith Lecturer Singapore Bible College- yes, i vehemently agree with him!
    5. as a singaporean, i don’t usually keep up with the british media, but in a time of calamity, didn’t the people of london know how to take refuge in St Pauls cathedral? Didn’t BBC cover the story?
    6. It is said that people attend church 3 times in their lifetime; to be hatched, matched & dispatched!
    7. Depends how “local church” is defined
    8. Of my community, it is. Listening to Archbishop Williams christmas day adress, i would say that the church of england is still very much an active part of the life of britan.
    9. somewhat agree
    10. Where i live, sadly not.
    11. some of my best & closest friends are non-christians, but that’s not necessarily good news. Sadly most christians i know do not have a lot of time to spend with me.
    12. Like any organisation, the church also has a struggle to keep abreast with changing fads & fashion.
    Nassim Taleb, writer of The Black Swan, asked this rhetorical question in his book; can a system like a car simply evolve? The reason Taleb asked the question is bec a car has a much simpler mechanism than flesh & bones.

    • neilrobbie says:

      Hi alvinh, when I saw you were from Singapore, I thought for a brief moment that you might be a friend of mine from the time I lived in Singapore. I had to check your avitar to confirm. Anyway, thank you for your response, I’ll add it to the pile. God bless. Neil

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