4 ways to die, 1 way to live

This is the second evangelistic bible study I have been doing recently, where I aim to get the gospel of Christ across in one sitting.  (The first is based on Mark 9:42-10:34) This study is based on the first three chapters of Romans.


Why is Paul not ashamed of the gospel (chapter 1 verses 16-17)?  In the next 30 minutes we’ll see why we need not be ashamed of the gospel.

We will look at five types of people.  Paul shows that there are four ways to die and only one way to live, by which he means to receive eternal life (Romans 6:23).

The first way to die

What is being revealed from heaven?  (chapter 1v18) And what is the wrath of God against?

These people are without excuse before God.  What have they done to become foolish? (ch 1 verse 22-23)?

What sort of character traits a result from this exchange? (ch 1 v28-31)

What does this person deserve? (ch 1 v32)

The second way to die

Why do the people in the second group have no excuse for their behaviour? (ch2 v1)

What is the result of their being judgemental of the people in the first group? (ch2 v5)

The third way to die

Describe what the person in ch 2 v 13-15 would be like to have as a neighbour.

What will happen to this person (ch2 v12 and v16)?

The fourth way to die

Describe what the person in ch 2 v 17-24 would be like as a leader in church, or the synagogue, gurdwara, temple or mosque.

What is the reality before God for all four sorts of people; the hedonist, the finger wagging judgemental person, the person with a good conscience and the religious teacher? (ch 3 v9-10)

All have sinned.

One way to live.

What has been revealed from God? (ch 3 v21)

What is righteousness?

How do sinful people receive the righteousness of God (ch 3 v 22)

What has God done through Jesus? (ch 3v23-25)

Why did God do this? (ch 3 v26)

Do you want to receive the righteousness of God?

Next time we meet, we’ll look at what it means for us to live with this new found righteousness.

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