Reaching the Unreached – Titus 1v1-4 Duncan Forbes

This is the first of four posts of my notes from the very excellent Reaching the Unreached conference which was held in Liverpool last week.  As always with my conference notes I remind readers that these may not be the actual words of the speakers, so I might have misheard or misrepresented their views.

Titus 1:1-4 – Duncan Forbes

Testimony on 13 years gospel work on Roehampton Estate
– initially tried to build a team – team disintegrated as people got married, had kids and left the estate.
– next a theological split with emergent church stream
– just Duncan left after 6 years.
– one convert through someone else
– started bible study – few more joined
– then started youth work
– now church growing through bible study and good doctrine

Titus – letter to the council estate
We are not self employed pastors but slaves to one master in the place he has placed us.

Developing reasons for why we do things
Slave and apostle FOR…
Watch TED talks on leadership by Simon Sinek = How great leaders inspire action
Do people know why we are doing things as a church?
Why do we do it?
Paul’s why:
FOR the faith of God’s elect
FOR the knowledge of the truth that leads to godliness
FOR the hope of eternal life

Developing leaders
Minister to the elect then leaders emerge from the elect
Discipleship for everyone (every member committed to a small group)
Train those who emerge not the ones we select

Developing godliness
Are we teaching truths which leads to godliness?
Middle class values do not equal godliness if they are not being held for the glory of God.
Doctrine leads to godliness.
Common grace does not lead to godliness – middle class values are common grace (middle grace)

Hopelessness common on council estates
– hope that leads to eternal life

Remember why Paul did things.

God does not lie contra the liars, evil brutes and lazy gluttons on Crete
Problem with trust – cynicism
As there was a Jew-Gentile divide in early church so the UK now has a class divide.
Common faith – all members of the elect. Most posh and most deprived love each other as members of the elect.
This glorifies Christ.

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