Reaching the Unreached – Titus 3:1-15 Duncan Forbes

This is the last of four posts of my notes from the very excellent Reaching the Unreached conference which was held in Liverpool last week. As always with my conference notes I remind reads that these may not be the actual words of the speakers, so I might have misheard or misrepresented their views.

Titus 3v1-15 – Duncan Forbes

Duncan was converted, suited, slicked back hair, lost laugh. Lost missionary power. Could not engage with his friends. We don’t need to emulate middle class culture. What does it mean to be a council estate Christian.

Chinos and blue blazer! I can’t relate to you no more.

Sandra has lots of problems on the estate which people are always discussing on Facebook. She’s always defending herself. Then she gets saved. But the church give her a get out of jail free card. Little or no expectations. What about the work of the gospel.

Simon is fast-tracked into leadership without ever being taught how to be a Christian man. He is out giving his testimony, he witnesses all over the place. Then his life falls apart and he backslides, because he was never properly discipled.

Redeemed by Christ from ALL wickedness
Redeemed by Christ to purify for himself a people
Eager to do good.

3v1 – REMIND people to be…. high expectations

Teaching resources must teach truths which lead to godliness. It needs to be taught very early on.

Council estate culture is anti-authoritarian – government and police are threats. Rather than making an excuse for the culture, oh well, we can’t expect folk to start obeying authority.

Everyone chats about the person who have narked them off. They cuss them behind their backs until they see one another face to face, when they pretend to be friends whilst chatting about everyone else. Teach not to slander!

Won’t walk out the way for anyone. True humility is moving out the way for others. Some rappers have got new words but the same swagger. Only changing the words, keeping the clothes and being truly humble will attract people to Christ.

Drama – live for drama like living on the set of Eastenders. Humble and peaceable? You forget that you were once foolish so we start to look down our noses at people.

You have been shown mercy, so now you show others mercy. V5 You did the same sort of things to God, you used to annoy God and others. How can you still hold grudges against others.

Heir of eternity – overcomes victim mentality.

Doing good is what we’ve been saved for – not legalism and so much more than a simple bible study. Be careful to devote ourselves to doing what is good. What would it look like if we made this our goal?

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