Transforming Grace Top 10 (2011-12)

I’ve been blogging for over four years now, though I’ve been off blogging for the last couple of months.  I’ve stopped because I’ve got lots on my plate, with little time to think theological thoughts, which is probably not a good place to be for too long.  In spite of the break, this is this year’s top 10.

1.  (-) A parachute as an illustration of faith and works.  A new entry, straight in at number one. This post reached the top slot mostly thanks to Google image search on “parachute”. The illustration has been read, commented on and shared: the cross is like a parachute and good works like flapping our arms to stop you hitting the ground. We must not mix them, only the cross saves, so put all your trust in Christ.

2. (1) 8 ways to attain a pure heart – Knocked off top spot, this post simly quotes Thomas Watson’s advice on attaining purity on the inside.

3. (2) 13 Christian personality types – also knocked down one place, this post looks at what happens when Christians lack one of faith in, love for, obedience to or knowledge of Christ.

4. (3) 8 biblical personality types – falling like dominoes, this post drops a place too.  It looks at how God views all people and so how we should view each other. The development of biblical EQ seems popular.

5. (4) Jesus, divorce and remarriage – And again, dropping one place from last year. I’ve been getting quite personal confession type comments on this post. An exposition of Mark 10 and the points Jesus makes on divorce, the law and salvation.  This exposition has been controversial.

6. (-) Transforming Grace in the life of Olaudah Equiano.  Great to see such interest in the conversion of freed slave and eventual British abolitionist, Olaudah Equiano, who had been on the brink of following the ways of Islam before being found by Christ and saved from sin.

7. (-) Challenging the homogenous church growth principle  This post has been around since 2008 but just gained a following this year.  I am glad to see that the homogenous church growth principle is in the spotlight and, by the name of the post, might be open to biblical challenge.

8. (10) 25 Benefits of Faith Union with Christ.  Moving up two places, this post aims to help people to get really rooted in Christ.

9. (6) Cross-Centered 7-week “lent” course.  Perhaps “The cross centreed life” is not as popular as it was a couple of years ago.  It’s dropped a couple of places for the second year running.  I still keep at least 6 copies on my bookshelf to sell or give away.

10. (8) Tim Sisemore’s – moving beyond reactive parenting. Last on the list this year, another post which has been bumped down.  Parenting is key to teaching the next generation, and I’m glad people are looking for guideance from Tim Sisemore.  I hope this leads to sales of “World Proof Your Kids”.

And my favourite this year? I have to say the post that has most helped my understanding of the way we interact as Christians with other Christians and with secular thinkers, John Frame’s model of knowledge: existential, situational and normative. Brilliant. Frame on knowing how we know things.

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