Google calendar, Andriod and a Filofax – information overload?

This time last year my trusty Palm Pilot became obsolete. I had used it, or three different models, to organise my life for 12 years but it couldn’t keep up with Windows 7. So, I made the switch to a Filofax, but I couldn’t work with paper and it’s no exaggeration to say life fell apart. So I switched again to Andriod and Google calendar. After a while I realised that I couldn’t work exclusively on the screen, partly because Google have not made tasks synchronise properly with Apps like Google Task Organiser and partly because I needed week and month views side-by-side.

So, now I use a combination of Google calendar, Google Task Organiser and my Filofax (see photo).  The electronic tools are excellent for storing information which can be changed easily without making a mess of my diary, but I find it hard to process things on the screen.  The Filofax is excellent as a place to process what to do when.  So, I transfer my tasks to my filofax for each week.  I also print a month view from Google calendar and put it in my Filofax so that I can see what is coming up.

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3 Responses to Google calendar, Andriod and a Filofax – information overload?

  1. alvinh says:

    You’ve posed us a tough problem. It’s not technically tough as you shall see. These are very difficult questions for me to ask, but someone once asked me; do you feel guilty about having free time & no problems? Being busy & having problems makes us feel important. So the #1 baggage to throw away, stop feeling guilty about not feeling important & remember how important you are in Gods sight.
    Second, do our possessions posses us? Who will we be without our toys? Can we make the best of what we have? You’ve mentioned “I needed week and month views side-by-side.” I doubt if i’d understand you from this side of the world even if you’d explained it to me, but maybe you can take a step back & ask yourself “why?” Since you only have 1 brain, how does looking at a month & week view at the same time, help you? If at all, it probably hurts you.
    Finally, if, as you pointed out, “Google have not made tasks synchronise properly with Apps like Google Task Organiser” maybe you should use some other tools that do. I’ve not used these other tools, but unlike google tasks organizer
    1. they’re free
    2. they have the same number of stars as google tasks organizer
    2.1 Tasks+ To Do List Manager
    2.2 GTasks: To Do Tasks | List
    I’ve tried neither of them, but i would try them before using google tasks organizer for the above 2 reasons & both of them claim to be able to “sync with your google tasks perfectly”

    Good luck neil, i hope it works out for you. As usual, God be with you!

    • neilrobbie says:

      Hi Alvinh, thanks for your comments. briefly:
      1. I don’t feel guilty about having nothing to do, I can and do happily sit in the garden and enjoy the sunshine. I am, however, in a position of responsibility to God and others, and that responsibility entails doing lots of things.
      2. I need to see what’s coming up so that I don’t do too much.
      3. The problem is not with the App but with Google Calendar. I’ve tried GTasks and don’t like it, as well as Astrid, and all these Apps create the same problem on Google calendar.
      Thanks for making me think.

  2. alvinh says:

    great to hear that. The last thing we need is an anglican vicar suffering burnout. I can see that 1 of your tags is “Ministry Burnout” so you’re definitely qualified to talk about the subject! The big problem with googles tasks is there’s no place for 1 to fill in percentage complete. This looks somewhat better than GTasks, dono if it fulfills all your requirements.

    If you can put aside your filofax, it would make life somewhat simpler for you. Remember that you don’t need all the cosmetics, but focus on what fulfills all your requirements, will it suffice? i’m sure you’ll find a way around! Gods kingdom is somwhat of a no-frills shop!

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