From the vicarage Sept 2012

From the vicarage 2012

This September will feel like the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in the life of Holy Trinity church as we start a new school year and welcome two new Ministry Trainees, Sam and Luke to the family. As the lads arrive, please make sure they are quickly welcomed into church life. I don’t just mean on Sundays or at various mid-week ministries, but by your generous and thoughtful hospitality. Invite the MTs round for a cup of coffee and a biscuit or, even better, for lunch or dinner, so that we all get to know them well and them us. We are a church family and we want them to feel a part of that family.

Let’s not forgot Simon and Kim as they start at Trinity College, Bristol. We must pray that they settle quickly, make good friends and make the most of the learning opportunity provided by the college. And Tommy Merry will be looking for a curacy this term. Please pray for him as he seeks a parish where he can put into practice those things he has learned during his training.

We have other things in church life to be praying for. Back in January 2011 we prayed for a greater sense of God’s presence in our Sunday services and God answered that prayer as Simon, Ian, Edgar and Lorraine served the Lord with live music. We need to pray about this again; “Lord, will you raise up for us more musicians?”

The closing date for our Families and Community Worker post is 14th September. We will then short-list candidates for interviews. Please pray for those interviews and for God’s wisdom as we discern the right gifts and character of candidates.

Lastly, the vision inspired by God’s word of a small group on every street in the parish is still the main focus of our mission to the parish. Pray that everything we do at church becomes more of a stepping-stone towards being part of a close-knit but welcoming small bible study and fellowship group. If you have not yet found a small group which meets at a time that suits you, then why not start one? I will be delighted to join you to get one off the ground if you are willing to host. Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church, California, says “the journey of 1000 miles begins with one step”. The goal of appointing an “elder” on every street in the parish is the 1000 mile journey, and each of us can play our part by doing something positive to move us toward that goal. Imagine what this parish would be like if it were filled with God-fearing and Holy Spirit filled followers of Christ Jesus.

Once you have prayed for all these things, take a deep breath, relax and give thanks to God for your brothers and sisters at Holy Trinity. Give thanks to God for his goodness and faithfulness. Give thanks for the one who brought the church into life by his death and continues to sustain that life by His Spirit. Thank God for Jesus.

With much love, Neil

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