40 days of transformation: Day 4 – love, joy, peace

We’ve just finished a sermon series on the fruit of the Spirit.  I take it that the Holy Spirit works in believers in Christ to develop godliness as we grow in our knowledge of our creator God.  By the fruit of the Spirit, we reflect his character more as we get to know him better.

Love, joy and peace exist within the Godhead as Father, Son and Spirit love one another with perfect love, delight in one another’s perfections and are at perfect peace, as there is no sin in God. So the Trinity is caught up in an eternal dance of love and through creation and redemption God calls us to join with him in that dance.

Jesus paid the price of entry to the dance, through his death for sin, justifying the unrighteous to make participation possible, as the unholy enter the presence of the holy without fear.

And then, as I learn to dance with God, I see how poorly I do it.  I step on God’s toes as I love him less than I should, don’t delight in him as I could and break peace with him by worshipping created things or by neglecting his law. God is the perfect dance instructor. He is patient, good, kind, faithful and filled with self-control. As I see his character as my dance tutor, I learn to be like him with others.  Transformation comes through study and worship of the creator-redeemer by the power of his Spirit and so I give myself to study, meditation and prayer.

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