Harjit Kumar – story of hope

We held our last session of the SOUL course this afternoon at Holy Trinity West Bromwich. 15 minutes before we were due to start I was praying for the guy who we’d asked to share his testimony, he was late. Just then one of the course members, Harjit, approached me and said “Can I share my testimony tonight?” I wan’t sure but as I had been praying I wondered if this was the answer. I phoned the guy who was meant to share, he was stuck somewhere. Then the next surprise. Harjit said, “my testimony is on Youtube. I can’t give it live without a translator.” So we downloaded the clip and here’s the great surprise and blessing which moved half the room to tears of joy.

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One Response to Harjit Kumar – story of hope

  1. Ian G says:

    I am going to highlight this on my blog and a couple of online Christian communities.This is not a secon or third hand account. HTWB knows this man.

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