From the vicarage October 2013

Vicarage and meOne of the things God has been teaching me most about recently is prayer. Not so much my own devotional prayer life, which for several years has consisted of meditation on the promises of God and on seeking Christ mixed with prayer for those who are sick and those I hope will come to know Christ. But I haven’t been in the habit of praying regularly with others.

God is teaching me to ask him for small things and large with others and for others. This morning before assembly I prayed “Lord, please make Helen six inches taller during assembly and then return her to normal size afterwards.” It was a bit flippant and half hearted but necessary, because the puppet screen was too high for Helen. Just then a year six lad asked, shall I get you a foam block to stand on? The block was six inches high!

And this quote from Matthew Henry keeps cropping up:

When God intends great mercy for His people, the first thing He does is to set them a-praying. – Matthew Henry

So, let’s pray together, let’s pray often and with a purpose. We must keep mission in mind at all times and our vision statements helps keep us doing the right things. But for now, let’s make a Passion for Life a focus for prayer. The Passion for Life website gives us a few prayer pointers:

“Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; his greatness no-one can fathom. One generation will commend your works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts.” (Ps.145)

Please pray as a church that God’s name is glorified through A Passion for Life 2014.

Please give thanks that as a result of A Passion for Life 2010 churches across the UK reported:

A renewed love for Jesus among God’s people
A renewed confidence in personal evangelism
A renewed commitment to mission-oriented prayer
A renewed commitment of churches to local mission
A renewed partnership between a greater variety of faithful churches
A renewed engagement of churches with local communities
A renewed diversity of gifted evangelists to different sectors
A renewed willingness to try gospel initiatives, and
A renewed reverence for God

Please pray for similar fruit from A Passion for Life 2014, and specifically for:

Local churches to consider prayerfully how best to make the most of A Passion for Life 2014 and how to ‘push the boundaries’ of their church so they might reach people they didn’t reach in 2010

A Passion to Witness (the new DVD training resource in personal evangelism available from to be widely used by local churches in 2013 and would bear lasting fruit as people are equipped to proclaim the saving gospel.

Regional co-ordinators as they seek to liaise between local churches within regions
Production of other resources eg web-based Ideas for Mission, ‘push the boundaries’ articles, and a new DVD ‘tract’

Fund-raising not to delay or restrict production of evangelistic and discipleship resources

You can sign up for prayer updates at

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