What do vicars do all day? (2)

It’s two full months since I started using a time recording app to check what I spend my time on.  I want to ensure I am spending time wisely.  It’s broad brush stuff, I look at the percentages each month and reflect on what I’ve been doing.  I ask myself if there are patterns of work I can change to be more effective?  October looked a bit different to September as the table below shows.  If you need the background to this post it will help you to read What do Vicars do all day?

Funerals and weddings took up much more time in October than September.  The four main areas I want to focus my energies on (after prayer and study, are teaching and worship, developing vine workers, visiting and counselling and outreach/mission) all stayed about the same as September.  Please pray for space and energy to organise more of these things in the time which is mine to direct.  Much of the work I have is routine and can’t be changed, some decisions are made for me by circumstance, but there’s still some time left to direct toward priorities.

Oct Sept
Preparation 19 16
Funerals and weddings 14 1
Organisation and Communication 14 21
Teaching and worship 8 9
Extra Parish 7 2
School 7 4
Developing Vine Workers 5 6
Fellowship 5 10
Trellis work 4 6
Visiting and counselling 4 5
Youth 4 1
Spontaneous Interruption 3 3
Prayer, study, Outreach, Acts of service, travel 6 15
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