Transforming Grace Top 10 posts for 2013

Each July for the past five years I have posted a top 10 list of what people had been reading on Transforming Grace. I missed it this July, being busy, tired and distracted by other things. So to end the year this year, here’s what’s been read in 2013.  There are four new entries, mostly further down the list, as some pages are constantly high due to Google.

1. (2) 8 ways to attain a pure heart – Back at number one, this post simply quotes Thomas Watson’s advice on attaining purity on the inside.

2. (1) A parachute as an illustration of faith and works.  Last year’s number 1.  This post continues to attract readers mostly thanks to Google image search on “parachute”.  The illustration has been read, commented on and shared: the cross is like a parachute and good works like flapping our arms to stop you hitting the ground. We must not mix them, only the cross saves, so put all your trust in Christ.

3. (5) Jesus, divorce and remarriage – Up two from last year.  There’s a fair amount of personal comments on this post. It’s an exposition of Mark 10 and the points Jesus makes on divorce, the law and salvation.

4. (3) 13 Christian personality types – down one place for the second year running, this former number one looks at what happens when Christians lack one of faith in, love for, obedience to or knowledge of Christ.

5. (-) Does Christian remarriage effect eternal salvation? This is the first new entry to the top 10, which might reveal that a high number of Christians are worried about what remarrying after divorce does to their chance of eternity with Christ.

6. (4) 8 biblical personality types – another faller in the chart. Here I look at how God views all people and so how we should view each other under the categories of salvation by faith, obedience to the law and biblical wisdom. The development of biblical EQ seems popular.

7. (8) 25 Benefits of Faith Union with Christ. Moving down a place this year, this post aims to help people to get really rooted in Christ by focusing on the benefits of being united to Christ and the fruits which flow from meditating on Christ.

8. (-) What did Jesus mean by salt and light? Lessons for Anglicanism. Another new entry looking at the hinge passage in the sermon on the mount between the Beatitudes and Jesus’ teaching on the law.

9. (-)  Transforming Grace Venn Diagram Posts.  This page attracts more hits than others because once a reader finds a Venn Diagram she likes, then this page provides the link to all the rest.

10. (-) 5 Christian Leadership Types.  This is a Venn Diagram based on Jim Packer’s 4 marks of a great Christian leader.  What would I give to be consistently all four at once?

And to find my favourite this year I have to go back to January.  Ebenezer Erskine on What sort of life springs out of the Tree of Life. In this post I look at the nature of death as promised by God in the garden to Adam and Eve. I am always pleased to find someone who thinks the sentence for sin is legal and not mortal death.

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